MagicCFG Download

MagicCFG Tool Download for MacOS , MagicCFG v1.3 tool released dmg, MagicCFG (@MagicCFGTool) / Twitter
MagicCFG Version 1.3 OK
How to Enter Purple screen for bypass, Wifi, edit BT, Change NAND, Region, model, Color with MagicCFG
Download Purple MagicCFG Put your device into Purple MODE on MAC
[UPDATE] MagicCFG v1.3 🌍 & 🇨🇳
- Fix “Write selected SysCFG”
- Added Japan Shuttersound fix
- Added language support for Italian and Portuguese
- Added templates for iPhone SE, some iPads
- Added more language support (Russian, Arabic, Mongolian + language fixes)
- Magico DCSD temporary fix
- Added Diagitizer as replacement for Purple (you need to copy and modify bootchain from Purple)
- other bug fixes
Get the latest version now on
MagicCFG_v1.3.dmg (171MB)
MagicCFG Download

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