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Haier G7 HM-G552-FL Readback Firmware tested

Assalamualaikum ....
file hasil read dari ufi yah ini tested
semoga yang sedang mencari file Haier G7 ini done juga

Download Link :
Haier_G7_H04-S007-ID Androidfilehost

Haier-G7-H03-S016-ID Androidfilehost

BROM version[1]: 7.2045.2.0

DA: MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin

hash: 7a3c72dad63c06bd1a67cce0354e7286cf26ab6a, size: 15.07 MiB

version: 3.3001.2020-11-02021/06/10 17:09:02, start addr: 0x40000800

Connecting to BootROM...

Power off the phone, disconnect and reconnect the battery(if possible) and connect USB cable...

Scanning BootROM or Preloader port... Done

Detected [PL] MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM (Android) (COM8)

Connection status: XHCI:HUB3: +þÿÿÿˆ®g q®%w[#54]:USB 2.00 High-Speed

USB Driver: [MediaTek Inc.] wdm_usb, version:, date: 1-22-2016

Connecting Bootrom...

Sending Download Agent...

Platform: MT6737M, hw ver: 0xCA00, sw ver: 0x0000

Secure ver: 0xFF, BL ver: 0x01

SRAM size: 128 KiB

DRAM size: 1 GiB

PL Security ver: 0x02

PL Verification:: Hash + Signature

Storage type: eMMC

Card/BGA: BGA (Discrete embedded)

Manufacturer ID: 0x15 (Samsung)

Product name: FE12MB (0x464531324d42), rev: 0x07, serial number: 0xE1C5D07B

Manufacturing date: Jun 2017

CID: 15010046 4531324D 4207E1C5 D07B64FD

Capacity: 14.57 GiB (15,646,851,072 bytes)

Boot1: 4096 KiB

Boot2: 4096 KiB

RPMB: 4096 KiB

User area: 14.56 GiB(15,634,268,160 bytes)

USB speed: High-Speed

platform: MT6737M, S01, cpu abi: armeabi-v7a

manufacturer: Haier

board: G7, name: G7

brand: Haier, model: HM-G552-FL

build id: MRA58K, version: 6.0 [Marshmallow] (Haier-G7-H03-S016-ID)

build date: 2018年 08月 04日 星期六 13:22:32 CST, security patch: 2018-07-05

build description: full_bd6737m_35g_a_m0-user 6.0 MRA58K 1502884185 release-keys

build version: alps-mp-m0.mp1-V2.84_bd6737m.35g.a.m0

screen resolution: 1280 x 720

main camera: ov5695_mipi_raw

lens: fm50af

front camera: s5k5e2ya_mipi_raw

audio: amp_6323pmic_spk

touch: GT9158_HOTKNOT_24

modem: Modem_6118SQ_P16_G4B_W18_FDDB1B3B5B7B8B40_L509_AD60

crypto state: encrypted

Reading preloader_bd6737m_35g_a_m0.bin... Done

Reading pgpt... Done

Reading proinfo.bin... Done

Reading nvram... Done

Reading protect1... Done

Reading protect2... Done

Reading lk.bin... Done

Reading para... Done

Reading boot.img... Done

Reading recovery.img... Done

Reading logo.bin... Done

Reading expdb... Done

Reading seccfg... Done

Reading oemkeystore... Done

Reading secro.img... Done

Reading keystore... Done

Reading trustzone1.bin... Done

Reading trustzone2.bin... Done

Reading frp... Done

Reading nvdata... Done

Reading metadata... Done

Reading system.img... Done

Files saved to \\%BACKUPS%\Haier\G7\Haier-G7-H03-S016-ID\

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